Blackvue DR350 stopped working?

Discussion in 'DR300' started by Bonzo, Dec 14, 2014.

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    As the title says, my original unit decided to simply stop powering up one day towards the end of last week.

    Unit has worked perfectly for close on 5 years, so can't really complain, however.

    Just wondering if anyone has any inclination as to what has happened or can point me in a direction to see if I can carry out a home repair? Someone mentioned a fuse inside the unit, anyone know if this is the case?

    First problem was about 2 weeks ago when the 350 decided to lock out a sd card. Card had only been re formatted 2 days prior and was working fine. Replaced the card and for some reason the Blue light at the park button function was out, as was the record and GPS, with no audio start up notification. Checked the power lead and was getting 11.87v at the plug via the power controller.

    Also whilst on the matter of the camera's, anyone any idea where we can source these "Gel Window Sticky Pads" that come supplied with the cameras?
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    If you google Blackvue spares, I'm sure you'll get a result.

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    Have you thought about EBay for the pads probably 50 or so sellers on there

    As far as the camera not working there is no fuse inside but failing batteries can cause problems I have just renewed both of them in mine as it wasnt shutting down correctly nor retaining the time.

    Only took half an hour and both are available on Ebay. Unless you are pretty good at soldering on circuit boards I suggest you get someone who is to do it as one battery has really tiny pins on it

    There are no Blackvue spares available as such Only generic internal parts.

    I went and bought an new 450 A far better camera and has GPS as well

    I use the stuff pictured to hold the camera on. Easily allows you to remove an put in a different car if needed.

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