Blackvue DR380G-HD owners, i need your help


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Mar 19, 2016
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Hi all!

I've recently bought an adapter for my car infotainment system, with a video input that automatically switch on when the the reverse gear is inserted.
I'd like to use this function in conjunction with my BV DR380 video out, and here is the problem, i've f*#%3d one transistor on the dashcam mainboard.
I'll try to exolain how...
I have an old portable tv with a video in that strangely use an usb type connection
While i was waiting for the adapter, i've cut an usb cable to try to connect the dashcam an see the video out quality.
Unfortunately, i've connecter the video out cables with the wrong tv cables, that lately i've discovered to be power cables.
When connected to the right cables, i was able to see the video, but the quality is awful!
Then when i opened the dashcam, i've found a transistor on the mainboard, near the video out jack connector, fried.
Unfortunately it's impossible to read the code of the transistor.

Does somebody know witch kind of transistor it is?

I'm attaching a pic of the damaged part.

Thank you.


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