BlackVue DR500GW-HD Wont record. Blue Light stay on.

Chris Hoover

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Apr 9, 2016
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I have had problems with my BlackVue camera. I installed the Power Magic Pro and set it to 12V and timer at 24 Hours. Chevy Equinox.

Here's the thing, the camera will not record after two days or so. I will start the car and the light just stays BLUE. I have to unplug and wait 20 minutes or so then plug it back in and then it MIGHT start recording(Blinking RED). I do not wish to have to unplug and wait 20 minutes every morning. What can possibly be the problem? Is it overheating and wont record?

I am using the SD card from the BlackVue website. 32GB class 10.

The settings on the SD card are 20% normal, 60% event, and 20% parking.

I am considering throwing it out and buying a cheaper one. The WickedHD 720P WCD-5801 Dual Lens Car Camera DVR 3.5" Rearview Display Dual View. I would hate to throw away a $300 dash cam because it doesn't work for me.

What am I missing?


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Feb 14, 2013
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Maybe you have wired it up wrong because if its set to turn off after 24 hours thats what it should do 24hrs does NOT mean permanent record

To get better results set the % to time and try that I never use what you are What you have it on is far too many events and not enough of the others.

Set it to time and if you have an "event" pull the card when you get home and copy the record folder to a PC