Blackvue DR750-2CH LTE Video Review


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Jun 2, 2014
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Hey all, got my review of the new DR750 LTE model. As usual the review is all in video format. I also got a DR900X-2CH review coming soon. There is also a 750X model I likely won't be reviewing but it is something to take into consideration between these models. The LTE model I reviewed in this video has the LTE built in. the X series has a separate LTE module that plugs in with a micro USB. I think blackvue intends on that being the future of their LTE connected products as the 750 LTE built in model took a long time to come and no 900 model that I have seen. I think keeping the LTE module as a separate add on, they can let people buy the base camera without it, then add it if they want it, instead of having an entire separate line of built in LTE models. I could be wrong but based on what they have announced it seems this might be the case.

Let me know if you have any questions, you can ask here or in the youtube comments. As usual check the youtube description for coupon codes or affiliate links if you want to help support my channel, thanks.

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