BlackVue Warranty Return Postage SCAM


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Jul 28, 2015
Perth Metro, Western Australia
Dash Cam
Pittasoft BlackVue DR750-LW 2ch Full HD
Hi fellow BlackVue owners,

I just thought I'd warn you all about what I consider to be a SCAM being conducted by those repairing BlackVue Cameras on their behalf (or BlackVue themselves).

Post repair, I received an email telling me my DR750-LW had been repaired and that I was to send $40US via PayPal to cover the cost of return postage. (It only cost me 17AUD to send it to them for a warrenty repair).

I politely told them to GET PUMPED! Saying it was a warrenty repair and that I'd already paid postage one way and that they should stump up for the return postage. I also told them that, if their products were reliable, I wouldn't have needed to return it for repair!

The following day I received another email saying they would agree to pay for the return postage and sent me the Tracking Number.

Being keen to check it's validity, I learned that the DashCam had actually been posted TWO DAYS PREVIOUS! BEFORE, they even asked me to pay for the postage!

I'd be interested to know how many people have needlessly fronted up forty yankie bucks to get their expensive and precious DashCam back from South Korea?...

If you find yourself in similar situation, "just say NO!" The worse that will happen is that they refuse to send it (if they haven't done so already) and there's a delay on it's return while you 'negociate'.

Hope that helps!


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