BnGui 0.3 (Novatek firmware packer/unpacker)


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Nov 12, 2013
Dash Cam

Description: BnGui is a wrapper application for bfc.exe and ntkcalc.exe. Therefore it's Windows-only at the moment.

What is bfc.exe and ntkcalc.exe?

bfc.exe and ntkcalc.exe are tools to unpack/repack/validate modified Novatek NT966XX firmware binaries. This application is a gui for the previously mentioned. After unpacking you can hack in your own bootlogo/modify movie parameters like bitrate/fps/dimension using NtkMPE, modify the AE table, ...

Information: This tool is bundled with required bfc.exe and ntkcalc.exe. It will unpack them during runtime to its current directory and will delete them on exit. If you dont want it to overwrite existing files, add a file called .dontoverwrite to the same directory as BnGui.jar and it will not touch existing files.

Manual operation:

Extract allows to:
- extract a FullComp (d) binary at default offset 0 or provided offset to filename@<offset>.rbn
- extract a PartComp (x) binary at adress 0x00B0000 to filename.rbn
Compress allows to:
- compress a binary file to a FullComp (c) archive "filename.bcl"
- compress a binary file to a PartComp (p) archive "filename.bcl"
The "Run" button will change its text once it's clicked to give you a rough idea whats happening behind the gui. (validating, packing, revalidating, ....)
The Log text area will show you stdout and stderr outputs from the native windows applications

Firmware information/Quick unpack:
Load a compressed PartComp or FullComp binary and the tool will detect all BCL partitions and list them below. You can quick unpack the partitions using the Unpack button. The raw binaries will be stored using this naming convention: filename@<offset>.rbn

Download: BnGui BETA v0.3

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