BULLETHD BIKER PRO - Installed on a 2015 BMW GS Adventure

Nigel Woodberry

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Nov 25, 2015
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United Kingdom
Spent a little time over the weekend fitting my new BulletHD BIKER PRO Camera to my BMW R1200GS Adventure. Great product if you want a permanent fixed camera like myself and everything you need comes in the box!
Simple modification of the lower windshield deflector provided a great positioning for the camera lens and whilst the windshield deflector holds the lens in place quite securely I did bed it on some clear silicone for piece of mind.
Wiring was easy with the piggy-back connection at the accessories socket being the most difficult job because of the positioning and access.
One issue I did have was mounting there Main Controller (the spooky one with eyes!) as the fitted 3M does take a while to achieve full adhesion. In fairness to Pier28, Inc (manufacturer) they did advise this in the order confirmation.I am very happy.
Just need it more now!
Hope you guys find this useful and there are some good info at:
and the product is available through eBay.
Bike Safe.


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Gavin Hill

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Jul 7, 2016
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South Africa
Hi Nigel, just received on of these myself for fitment to my '16 GSA and wondered if you had time to answer a few questions?

1. Where did you mount the controller (with the buggy eyes)?
2. Did you feel it was necessary to always have access or did you consider under the seat?
3. Where did you run power to the power unit from? What wire did you tap into for "auto start"?
4. Have you had any regrets (to much environmental exposure, camera mounting getting looser over time, etc.) that I can learn from?