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Mar 5, 2016
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I have seen more than one posting in DCT (can't find them just now) where they stated, or at least implied, that a certain hard-wiring kit would work with certain dash cam models and actually listed some dash cam models that the particular kit in question was compatible with.

I have also seen some manufacturers actually name certain hard-wiring kit and then given dash cam model(s) that it works with. HERE is the most recent example, and the one that prompted me to finally write and post here asking this question.

But wait!.....aren't all hard-wiring kit compatible with all dash cams?
How would they not be cross-compatible with each other across the board?
The main things that spring to mind for me are use some are mini USB and some are micro USB but other than that so long as they output the correct voltage and enough amps then I can't see much of an issue technically, but then real life experiences may be different? I guess some will be better quality than others. I've not had any problems with the nextBase ones.
there are universal type but some can be model specific

Yes, it seems that the PMP can also be called a hard-wiring kit. Likewise for the Lukas LK-290; it too can be called a hard-wiring kit.

Or, correcting myself, perhaps more appropriate would be to think of PMP and Lukas-290 (and also the Vico-Power Plus) as hard-wiring kits that also do low voltage cutoff.

Basically, it seems, you can pick up a few parts at RadioShack and create your own hard-wiring kit, but achieving low voltage/BDP is something requiring much more knowledge.