Camera WiFi in Client mode - WORKING .ash SCRIPT inside


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May 5, 2015
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  1. Download
  2. Enable start_wifi_while_booted in camera Not needed, but wifi LED will be off.
  3. Unpack on your SD card
  4. modify wpa_supplicant.conf for your network
  5. turn on camera and wait for 1s beep
Do i need to say more? :D

Tested on 1.2.13, 1.2.0 and 1.0.12 - should work on other firmware versions as well (dunno, didn't test).

Does not do any permanent changes!
When you remove these files from your SD card, you get your camera back to original.

I added a simple script that is launched AS LAST COMMAND IN
Even if you want to use some more tweaks, this line must be the last - following lines will not be executed.
Just uncomment it in autoexec.ash and modify in wifi/ and it will monitor camera's wifi & reconnect when needed.

Known "bug" - when camera loses wifi signal (for ANY reason), it does not reconnect, you need to restart camera.

Hi, anyone has a contact on devs from xiaomi? for reporting bugs and stuff?

If you like my work, consider donating some spare change :)
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I wrote to their support for EU for a bug with the Android app, told me some general things to try to fix it, but in the end told me to contact the seller as they haven't really sold any in Europe...

We are sorry for the inconvenience you have encountered.
We suggest you have a contact with banggood (place where I bought the camera) toward your issue.
For the currently, we only officially sell Mi band, power banks and headphone in your region.
We haven't officially sold Yi camera in your region (Europe) yet.
this is a bug with the firmware that applies to all units all around the world. i don't want a refund or something like that, i just want to give them a hint whats wrong & how to fix that :)
I would also like to contact Xiaomi directly too. Ask about my app bug, why can't I update to 1.2 and suggest a few things to improve the camera:
-Immediate start of recording after camera boot-up (good if you use it as a dash cam)
-Adjust the length of the videos when "loop recording" is selected , make them 10-20 minutes instead of 5.
"immediate start of recording" can be done with .ash script
shorter videos are better to search through (i would prefer even shorter ones)

can't update to 1.2 ? What process did you try? Just grab the firmware from my site for your model (check your firmware), verify its MD5, place firmware.bin in the root of SD card, power up the camera, wait till the beeping stops and you're done.
A script would be nice, but an options would be better as I don't always want it record immediately.

What's your site?

I tried to do it as I did the first time I got the camera and put 1.1. Download from the app, connect the camera, wait for it to get upload to 100 and start beeping... but no reaction from the camera whatsoever.
You can pull out the card before you powerup the cam & put it back in after you do; script won't be executed then

just check sticky Firmware mirror site topic here ;)
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Weird, I download the firmware, connect the camera via USB and the it's already there, clearly the app has uploaded it(same size and all). But powering up the camera again didn't do anything. Connected again via USB, but this time I powered the camera after the connection and it finally started updating, now it's on 1.2 :) :)

Pulling the card out is too ghetto, I don't see it being hard to implement it as an option. Or an even better idea, after double clicking the camera on/off button it will start recording right away.
@Andy_S what's the bug that you found? Did you fixed yours already? Care sharing the fixed firmware? :D
nope, i am not able to mount ubi (MTD) partition (LNX.a7s), if i would, i won't need the contact and release the fix for wifi myself :)

and yea, its related to the wifi, as i already mentioned, they mixed up versions of wifi driver and wpa_supplicant from two different versions...
Hmm, I already saw one report of wifi settings, SSID and password being reset to default in 1.2.0. Is that what causing it?
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nope, thats something completely different, you are talking about custom wifi SSID&passwd for AP mode. i am not interested in that.

actual error message of wpa_supplicant is:
ICSMR1 built driver used with Jellybeans supplicant

that causes sta mode to fail with error in dmesg

[ 1047.670000] CFGP2P-ERROR) wl_cfgp2p_supported : wl p2p error -23

i need to find / compile myself the driver / wpa_supplicant to the other version, or contact devs to do it properly :)

And yes, it is bit "advanced" than toying with CC or .ash scripts :) (i told you that i will hack it :D )
LOL, Ok.. this too much for me... I'm backing off a little and give you more space and I'll be waiting for your android app.
:D Thats not at all what i meant, i would love to get any help with this...
btw why don't you join XiaomiYi IRC chan? :)
Thanks a lot, will try that!
"immediate start of recording" can be done with .ash script

Sorry for writing in this thread, but do you maybe have a script that does this? Starts recording on startup?
I don't do scripts (yet), but i saw some script in other threads... sorry, can't help. Maybe stick around on IRC chan and see if someone will pop in with more knowledge ;)
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Hm, sadly i cannot speak chinese so i have no idea whats in there...
Maybe @luckylz can help? At least in identifying whether that is the official place for bug reports and suggested remedies. :rolleyes: