Camera wont turn back on automatically after being parked

Well I finally had some time to fiddle about with the car and cam properly. Reflashed the firmware and checked the wiring and still no luck.
Then I managed to get the car out for a good run for about 3 hours, got back and to much annoyance the battery only showed 12v despite the alternator behaving nicely.

A new battery later (the old one was only 2 years old) and things are all back to normal which is good.

Funnily enough my previous car had the battery go as well, and this too initially showed up with the dashcam playing up. Clearly a by-product of hardwiring the cam is it becomes an early warning system for failing batteries.

I have Viofo cameras hardwired and actually had similar odd issues when car battery started going weak. I would get low battery warning, Cams would power down rather quickly in parking mode, and other odd random problems. Once the battery was replaced, everything was resolved. A weak car battery can cause both your car and cameras to exhibit odd behavior.

Running hardwired dashcams comes with a price. It will definitely shorten your battery life, but I chalk this up to cost versus risk benefit. If I lose 20 or 25% longevity, I consider this acceptable. I gain a safety system (dash cameras recording) and protection from other drivers for the extra expense.