Can you connect camera & app on home wifi?

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Apr 14, 2019
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One of the main reasons I got this camera, was with the idea of using it as a security camera OUTSIDE, so I could watch the front of my appartment building. I thought I could park facing the building, and on my phone I could see who it was if anybody came over to this hallway. Landlord wont let me just put a regular security camera outside, so I thought dashcam would solve the problem. I connected it to a high power charger box, and didn't even get 5 feet from my car and the app stopped because the wifi couldn't reach. My home wifi reaches the whole building and the parkinglot, so if I could somehow get the app AND the camera to run off the home wifi instead, problem solved.

Does anybody know if you can use the camera and app off another wifi instead of the ddpai wifi?
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