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Jul 9, 2015
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United Kingdom
Hi - Received my new Blueskysea today, mounting in the rear window to complement a GPS A119 at the front. All seems fine so far. had to disable mobile data on my Android 7.0 phone to get a wifi connection, but I don't expect to be using it often once everything's set up.

One quick question - re Capacity Allocation in the app settings. This forces a minimum reservation of 30% of the 32GB SD card for locked recordings. I don't want to lose nearly 10GB for this purpose, but the settings won't accept a lower input. Does anyone know of a firmware version which will allow this?

You can use a larger card. My B1W does well with either Transcend 400X or Samsung EVO Plus 64GB cards when they're formatted to fat32 :)

I haven't checked exactly as the last few weeks have been quite bad for me, but it seems that a 64GB card holds somewhere around 6 hours of normal recording with the locked files full. The G-sensor is darn near perfect with this cam but I also like having 8 hours recording time. Overall I think it's a good compromise. Hoping to get back to my normal game within a week and will report in more detail then ;)

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