Comroads cloud dash cam beta app now available on Google Play Store


Jan 8, 2016
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We're happy to announce that we've released our beta app to the play store.
Anyone with a YI dash cam is welcome to download and give it a try. Feedback is of course more than welcome.
We really would appreciate input on what you think of the idea of the app and how we can make it better.
Currently, it only supports the YI dash cam (silver / gold), but we're going to be integrating many more in the near future.

If you're a dash cam manufacturer and are interested in us integrating your dash cam into the app, give us a shout.

Update for October 9th 2018:
We just released a major update to the app. Much improved interface and the app is now much more stable. Feel free to try and give feedback :)
Also, here's our new video

main screen button.png
event view.png
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past event.png

Key Features:

- One touch video event generation and automatic downloading from the dashcam.
- Overlay button appears over other apps including navigation. Press the overlay button to generate and download a 30 second video (20 seconds before pressing and 10 seconds after)
- Attach GPS trip data to your dash cam footage.
- Browse the map of your trip and create videos directly from the map.
- When using the Comroads app, your phone stays connected to your 4G network for music and navigation - the app manages your connection to the dashcam automatically and connects/disconnects as needed.
- Unlimited cloud storage for your event videos.
- Choose to upload the videos via your mobile plan or wait for wifi.
- Only records GPS data while you’re driving. Automatically stops when you exit the car.
- Your information is kept private and anonymous.
- Currently supports the YI smart dashcam (grey or silver).

Coming Soon:

- Request videos from other Comroads drivers near you when you generate an event
- Your car got hit in a parking lot? Check if someone in the Comroads network was nearby when it happened and request their video
-More dash cam integrations, so the app can be used with a wide variety of dash cams

In order to initiate "drive mode" and have the app start looking for your dash cam, you need to either plug your phone into your charger, or press the "no power" button to manually start a trip.
Once synced with the camera, you will get an overlay button which appears over other apps. Pressing this button will instigate an event starting 20 seconds before the button press, and 10 seconds after. The app will wait for the current file on the dash cam to close, and will then automatically connect to the camera, download the relevant video, and then automatically disconnect.

The app will also record a GPS map of your 10 latest trips. You can later navigate to these trips and then by pressing on a part of the route, create a 30 second video file directly from the map. You can even do this while away from your car, and the next time you get in your car and sync the app, it will automatically connect and download the relevant video!

When you are out of your car, you may receive a notification that the Comroads app is running in the background. Don't worry, it is completely passive and simply waiting for a signal that you are starting a new drive.
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New video demonstrating some of the features:
A frequently asked question: which phone permissions needed for this APP?:)
Right now only 4, next version will be 3:
1) Phone storage so we can download videos from the camera and play them back.
2) location services to create the map and add location to the videos.
3) draw over other apps for the overlay
4) phone --> this is for debugging purposes and will be removed in the upcoming version (tomorrow or the day after).

Login is also anonymous - the only thing we need is email password (name is fully optional). We also don't verify the email so you can even use a fake email. The downside is that you won't be able to reset your password if need be :)
App is now greatly improved.
Only phone storage, draw over other apps, and location permissions are required.
We're constantly improving the app and are pleased to say it's getting very stable.
We've updated with a new video in the first post :)