Considering an SGZC12RC. If you have one, are you happy with it?


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Sep 3, 2016
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The Vico MF3 is ok.
It has its good points & bad points.
It has v good IQ, however the traditional ball joint mount is bulky.
I can't use it on my rear windscreen because it cannot fit without impeding my rear motorized sunshade.

I'd be waiting forever for that 9663DC.
I used 9665GC at the front.
My SG9665GC won't fit in the rear either.
I had to use an SGZCRC12 V2.
The image quality in low light isn't quite as good as the GC, ZC has no GPS but GC already provides GPS in the front, and the ZC is a bit exxy with the CPL filter, but everything else about the ZC has been cruising fine for 6 months.

Joiikin should put a new processor & GPS plugged into RC, and he's done.
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