Considering Blacksys CH200- Why did you choose this camera?


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Oct 24, 2018
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United States
I've narrowed my search down to the Blacksys CH-200, BlackVue DR750S, and Thinkware F800.

All are dual cams with parking mode. I will be hardwiring and I not be using cloud features.

While I value all feedback for what sold you on this camera over others in the field, I am mostly hoping to get feedback from those who might have considered the other two cameras that I am also considering.


Apr 13, 2018
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San Leandro (SF Bay Area), California
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BlackVue DR900S (pending)
I made a feature-by-feature comparison between the BlackSys Ch-200 ("BS") camera and various BlackVue ("BV") and ThinkWare ("TW") cams, and these were the items that swung it for ME (in no particular order):

1. Parking Buffer (allows/shows extra recording BEFORE the actual hit or incident): TW has it (seconds unknown), BV has a 5 second buffer, BS has a 10 second buffer.

2. Time Lapse Mode (while parked, can record at certain # of frames per second instead of storage-chewing continuous recording): TW has is at 2FPS, BV does NOT have it, BS has 1FPS.

3. ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System -- basically supplemental and helpful road warnings): TW has it, BV does not, BS has it.

4. Storage (based on acquisition of a 128GB memory card): TW and BV (memory card NOT included but can be purchased for $40; 128GB is largest these two devices will accept), BS (64GB memory card IS included AND this is the ONLY dashcam that will accept a 256GB card!!).

5. Price (1 year ago WITH memory cards): TW-F800 ($380), TW-F800P ($450), BV 750S ($400), BV 900S ($450), BS Ch 200 ($300)

All of the models will give you crystal clear videos (w/BV's pricier 4K 900S model, license plates will be slightly easier to read). For driving in my Chrysler 300S, I've plugged my dashcam into a switched (which runs only when the car is on so doesn't draw amperage when idle) outlet; and when I DO find a parking situation where I feel the parking mode should be employed, I use a separate JNC770R battery starter/charger from a switched (always on) outlet. Otherwise I've had my BlackSys Ch-200 for a year now and it has run flawlessly and seamlessly. These are the reasons why I came to the conclusion that the BlackSys Ch-200 was a better value than the ThinkWare and BlackVue cameras and a much wiser decision overall.

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