Crosstour CR600 dash cam hardwire not auto turning on


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Feb 27, 2020
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First if all this is my first post so please be gentle

I have just fitted a new dashcam to my car, the dashcam I got is a crosstour CR600, the actual camera is amazing, I got it because if how discreet it is. I chose to hardwire it which to my knowledge I have done correctly, I used a voltage tester to determine a safe constant current fuse to use. My car is a 64 plate fiesta, the fuse I have my cam hardwired to is the Bluetooth fuse as that as constant power. Now here is my problem, I have no problem with the power, i know the cam is receiving power because the charge symbol appears, my only issue is that the cam does not automatically turn on when I start the car, i think this may be to do with park mode been enabled? Ideally I would like park mode for that extra bit of security but it's a pain having to hit record everytime I get in my car, to use the auto turn on will I have to change it to a switched fuse and just go without park mode?