Current GT300W/LS300W Glitches and problemns.


May 31, 2013
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Dash Cam
Dod LS300W + 32GB Class 10 Samsung Plus
I Got idea do a Topic for all bugs of LS300W and GT300W so we index them and make search for Solution easier.

- Problems in MicroSD Card
- some reports shows that LS300W/GT300W is picky at cards.
Origin : Hardware ? Firmware ?
Solution available, Select a memory from list.

Don´t forget aways test if your memory is legit or fake , can use this for test ... estw.shtml

- Sound Issues on GT300W
some users reported noise problems on microphone and sound issues
Origin: Hardware ? Firmware ?
Solution available, RMA if possible.

- Bad USB Cable Connection
some users report that Conection on camera is kinda loosy.
Origin: Hardware
Solution available ???

- Glimpsy Colors at 720P
an user reported that got problemns on 720P mode , colors got exquisite , can be Problematic unite or camera bug
Origin: Firmware/Hardware
Solution: ???

would be cool people updating topic

i waiting my LS300W Arrive i will do continuous tests and try find solutions for bugs
sadly support of Dod being horrible last days they not reply any email.
some user reported they making new firmware for GT300W , maybe coming to LS300W
in hope fix some bugs.
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