Dash Cams Questions


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Sep 30, 2020
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I just picked up the Viofo V3 with GPS from the BF special.

I go the 3 wire hard wire kit. If I hook it up and get hit when will it record? after the hit then start?

Also I have memory card that is from a crap dash cam I barely used. How can I format it to work with my new one? The card is PNY 32GB Prime microSD Memory Card
Not much into the viofo cameras but i think they have a little buffer in the G-sensor get triggered while parking, you can also set it to record time lapse all the time while parked, i am not quite sure if that is alongside G sensor or it is a one or the other situation.
Your old PNY card should ask to be formatted in the new camera or you should at least do that even if it dont ask, formatting the memory card is a must if it is a new one / new one in that camera, or if it is a larger one normally Ex fat and the camera use fat 32 it should ask to format so it is the right format.

Memory cards 32 GB and smaller automatic get formatted to fat 32 on a PC, larger the PC will use Ex fat on, in which case the camera will want to format that larger memory card to fat 32 upon boot first time.

32GB are a tad small but will get you started, you should consider a 64GB or 128GB card ( the larger the card the less the wear on the memory card as their lifetime are counted in complete write cycles, and a larger card take longer to fill so it should also last longer )