dashcam to pair with my new parking camera that can see around corners.


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Dec 24, 2018
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New Zealand
Hey guys, So I just got given this 180 degree camera that lets you see around corners for Christmas. I figured while im installing it I might as well hardwire in a dashcam at the same time.

The corner camera I got given actually seems pretty cool. I live on a main street with a tall fence and trees, so pulling out is stupidly dangerous. Looks like this camera will let me see all the way down the footpath and across the road. I haven’t installed it yet so I can hardly review it, But if anyone’s interested their website is https://wreakless.com/

I Live in an apartment but I can still get wifi from my parking space, Are their any cameras on the market I can turn on remotely when the cars turned off so I can see the live view from my apartment when parked?