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Jun 8, 2017
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I have a 2010 Volvo XC60, Blackvue DR470-2ch dashcam, and a MotoPark Multi Safer S hardwiring kit.

The problem: my dashcam won't "turn off", i.e. will continue to record video files, even when my car is off, locked, and there is no motion to trigger parking mode.

Multi Safer setup: I have the black hooked to ground (as per instructions), yellow hooked to a constant power supply, the audio system, (as per instructions), and the red (accessory power) disconnected because I was told that the accessory power is only necessary on vehicles with an automatic shut-off feature when stopped (which my car does not have). Could this be the problem, that the accessory power is not connected?

I also have my devices settings to automatically detect switching to parking mode. The motion and G sensor tolerances are at the factory default. So I really am clueless as to why the camera won't stop recording when parked, but it does seem that the camera is not realizing that it should switch to parking mode.

Another insight, most video files in the viewer are marked as normal recordings, and then a few are marked as parking, but there there is never two parking mode videos recorded in succession.

Any idea? Thanks!
if the three wires are not connected the timer function won't work as there's no way to know when the car is running or not
I think its normal when someone touches my car, the camera will turn on itself under the parking mode
Turn the sensitivity to "0"... My 650S is a piece of **** because the camera sees "anything" from an ant crawling across your hood to a leaf moving across the road....

It's WAY too sensitive.... (just like my 1st wife)...hehe

BlackVue...Please reset these settings so that it makes the camera functional..!!