Distracted Jay Walking Pedestrian Almost Causes Rear End Collision

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Apr 5, 2015
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A person with a smart phone crosses the street outside of the cross walk with cars approaching him while looking at his smart phone.

I just turned the corner, wanting to make a lane change and brake to avoid hitting him. The car behind me slams its breaks to avoid hitting me.

Notice the car that almost hit me from behind ... the lane changes he makes ... cutting off another car.

Working on my distracted driver compilation video since Saturday and three new incidents came along including this although this is a distracted pedestrian. Got to keep your eyes open for them.

I was going to make a lane change after making a left hand turn and was looking to my side. My wife prevented this accident with the pedestrian, I didn't see him when I was looking to my side and then saw him almost cross in front of me. Note to self, look well ahead when driving after making a turn as pedestrians can sneak out anywhere. Also the car in front of you may need to come to a sudden stop.
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