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Discussion in 'Motorcycle Cameras' started by bryan0101, Oct 6, 2016.

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    I have been looking for a good dashcam for bike for a long time, seems like this or the bulletHD would finally get my money.

    Which one you think is better?

    DOD Hummer 1080p Full HD video recording, IPX6 Waterproof body, built in Wi-Fi, 5Hz GPS logging and DOD mobile app integration. auto start.
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    That DOD camera look interesting, but there is a few buts i think.

    It use a 14 mpix sensor for just 1080p footage, so night footage might not be as good as a 1080p sensor with larger pixels.
    But that mean the image stabilization it claim to have could work, but "IS" also take a bit off the image quality as i understand it.

    For media it say up to 32 Gb in one place.
    Another place it say up to 10 hours of 1080p recording on a 64 Gb card, so bitrate cant be in the high end, though its properly not overly low either.

    And as it have a screen on it to do the settings i cant really see the use of wifi, unless you want to get footage of the thing while you are out and about, but in that case i would just pop the SD card into my phone and play / share it from there.

    Seem to only come with handlebar mount, so this will leave out a lot of bikes with fairings i assume, and also it do look large in the pictures so not stealthy at all.
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    Too many ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    yeah a few good ideas, a few not so good
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