Double Beeps,. footage cut short and parking mode stopping


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Sep 28, 2019
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Hi Guys,

Having issues with my A129 pro Duo, it's been fitted for around 3 weeks. This is my second unit and I know something isn't quite right as my first one operated without fault.

The camera is powered using the Viofo HK3 Kit and I originally used an Integral 256GB Premium Microsdxc (Up To 100MB/S V30 UHS-I U3). Once the card became full I started getting some double beeps when driving, maybe once every 5 drives. I formatted the card (using the viofo app) and things deteriorated very quickly. I started getting double beeps 4-5 times every drive and the footage was either cut short or corrupted. Parking mode is now randomly stopping so i'm coming back to my car and the camera is off and hasn't recorded anything for hours.

I've since:
Formatted the camera hardware (hard re-set using the pin button)
Reset the camera to factory settings
Formatted the memory card using the camera (not the app)
Formatted the card in my PC using FAT32
Tested the memory card using H2Testw (no problems found).

The camera is still having the same issues.

Everything on this forum pointing to memory card issues or compatibility. So I've purchased a WD Purple 256GB - it's made no difference whatsoever.

Is it possible I have a faulty unit (as my last camera was set up the same, albeit a 128Gb Integral Premium card). Looking at the problems on here, it's pot luck whether these cameras work as they should or not.


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Jul 7, 2014
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I formatted the card (using the viofo app) and things deteriorated very quickly.
You could try a format with the:
SD Card Formatter - SD Association
to speed the card up again.

Do you have both your cameras set up in the same way, especially the parking mode settings?

Small parking mode files seem to fragment the cards resulting in them slowing down and that can cause problems on a card that is a bit slow to start with.

Maybe you could swap your memory cards to see if the problem goes with the card or with the camera?

Is it possible I have a faulty unit...
I doubt it, there are others with similar issues, seems to vary with the cards, even cards of the same type. Hopefully there will soon be a firmware update to solve these issues and make it less memory card sensitive, but it is Chinese New Year at the moment so no updates likely just yet.