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May 22, 2014
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Hi all, I'm new to the forum. Lately I've been experiencing a problem (at least I think it's a problem) with my Blackvue DR380G-HD dashcam. It's got the most recent firmware and software but when I play some of the video back especially with dark or night recordings, there is a lot of haze around lights. Street lights, car lights, anything with light emits this awful haze, and it never used to be that way when I first got my camera. I've cleaned the lens, I've cleaned my windshield inside and out, and I don't live in a climate with high humidity or extreme temperatures (near Vancouver, BC). How the heck do I get this haze to go away? A fine example was my trip to Las Vegas - I drove with a friend there, and we arrived in the early evening when it was getting dark, around 7:00 PM. All the lights on The Strip were completely hazy - I thought it was the coolness in the car from the air conditioning interacting with the heat outside the car. But now that I realize it, it was neither of those factors. Is anyone else experiencing a similar issue with their DR380G-HD?


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Feb 14, 2013
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Clean the front of the lens with a soft cloth or some isopropyl alcohol.

If that doesnt work take the camera to bits and clean the inside end of the lens also

Usually fixes that problem which is caused by a chemical reaction and heat in the plastic.

Same as you get on the inside of the windscreen after car has been in the sun for prolonged periods.
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