DR400G-HDII up- or downgrade impossible, GPS not working


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May 19, 2014
Dash Cam
Hi everybody. I live in France and I learned English alone, without teacher at all. So, please be patient and forgive my mistakes. My DR400G-HDII was two times in Korea to be repaired during the garanty period, for more than 6 month as total time. Back to me the record quality was OK, no overheating, but the GPS LED on it was bliking rapidely. Folowing the instructables from the DASHCAMTALK (exchange Korea to English in version.bin) I had back the GPS fonction but it didn't talk anymore. I wanted to fix this and my problems began at this very moment. I don't really know what I did but at the present moment it is impossible to upgrade or downgrade the camera (it speaks in korean, I guess). The only FW who lets me start recording is v1.014E but, without GPS at all (no GPS LED blinking at all) and allways in korean language.Is there somebody to help me?
Do you want me to copy here the last working log. file? Or something else concerning my dash cam?
Thank you for taking the time to read this lines. I mean it.

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