DriverConnex Dashcam app

John Shooter

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Jun 16, 2015
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United Kingdom
Hi guys,

We've just finished developing a new iOS dashcam app, DriverConnex Dashcam, it's only the first version so it's not perfect but we've had some good feedback and reviews so far.

Looking for some more feedback and advice if anyone cares to try it! (Currently it's free on the app store)

Here's some of the features:

Tracks the actual journey so you can view the route on the map and see your recorded video loops.
Automatically loops the last 30 minutes in 3 minute loops. You can tap the screen at any time to permanently save the current loop.
If an impact is detected, for example if you've braked suddenly, the device will save the video loop and generate a crash report.

What it doesn't do yet:

No way to change the video quality yet. Most of these devices have amazing video quality, but we're still trying to find a way to make is usable without taking up gigabytes of storage.
No automatic start/stop. Currently you need to start tracking your journey whenever you get in your car, although we're working at solving this.

So using a phone isn't a perfect replacement for a dedicated piece of hardware, however it does have some advantages:

The app was designed for people who may not be restricted to one vehicle, for example people who drive pool vehicles at work, they can just quickly drop their phone in the holder mounted on the window.

We've tested for many hours and haven't encountered any overheating issues, even on the old iPhone 4, however the battery life isn't particularly good on this so you may need to plug it in.

Any comments or feedback please get in touch!!