DVR-207GS time stamp not working


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Oct 12, 2014
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I bought this recently and I've had no issues with it aside from one thing; it forgets the dates I set.
It always resets to 01/01/2012. I didn't mind it so much because at first because the camera still works with no issues, but from an insurance standpoint, it might be an issue.

Vicky, the lady with estore009, told me to resend the camera, but doing so would cost more than the camera's worth, or so FedEx told me. I have 2 questions;

1. Is there anyway I can fix the time stamp problem without having to send it to China?
2. If no to 1, is there anyway I can send the camera to China without paying for shipping?

This isn't an urgent issue, but the sooner this issue is solved, the happier I'll be.

Edit: there are no other issues with the camera. It remembers all the other settings I have put into it like clip size, quality and all that.
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