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Oct 3, 2017
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I am completely new to dash cams.
I occasionally go on 4x4 trips and have been using my ordinary point and shoot camera to record portions of these treks.
I now wonder what if I had a dash cam, maybe, in addition to regular dash cam duties it could also be used to record portions of the 4x4 trip?
In reading about dash cams the Garmin 55 has caught my eye.
My 1st question -- Can you edit videos from dash cams?
That is could I, say, shorten a video file? Can you tie 2 segments
together and wind up with 1 long segment? Things like that.


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Sep 23, 2017
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Yes. I used adobe photoshop premiere elements but there are other editing tools. IMovie on mac and iPhone is free and excellent. I have a dashcam that records with a windows pc format (codec). - so I first need to convert to MP4 before editing on the mac

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Oct 11, 2013
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Yeah they output regular video so you can do to it what you please using a editing software of your choice.
The dashcams do record video in segments where i think most of us use 3 minute file length, but normally you can choose 1 - 3 - 5 - 10 minute file size.
And some dashcams have a overlap of the file segments, and that's normally 1 second that's there to make sure you dont loose anything.

Good thing is there are specialized software to help you, to remove this file overlap and bundle many segments into one large file you can use registrator viewer, it is a nifty little tool with some automatization in it so it dont take many clicks of the mouse to output your final file, and it dont do anything to the file format or quality.
You can also use registrator viewer to cut out some things if you want, i personally just use "RV" to splice segments and then remove file overlap, other editing i do with pinnacle studio 20 ultimate.

You can off course remove the file overlap in editing software by removing the first 30 frames of a file following another file, if you just have a few file segments then its a okay way to do it, a bit slow as it is manual work, but still it just add a few minutes to the process if you are familiar with your edit software.

I have a video demoing RV and how to bundle up several files into one, and also remove the overlap though the footage in the demo dont need it.

You can Dl registrator viewer from Street Guardian support page in the software section. https://streetguardian.info/support
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