Editing BlackVue DR750S-2CH video


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Sep 14, 2019
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I got a few questions about the video files and editing them. I noticed the files are saved every 1 minute, I cannot change this when it is on the highest quality. Also on lower quality only a maximum of 3 minutes can be set.
The problem is these files overlap a little, so I cannot stitch them together easily. Is there is way to disable this few seconds overlap?
I like to create recordings of trackdays and just got this camera thinking this is one is a major upgrade from my old one. My old dashcam made 10 minute recordings and had no overlap.
Also, is there a way to create a picture in picture export, so I can create video's of both cams and upload them to Youtube?
Maybe there is another way to easily edit these video's?
Thanks in advance for any help!


Jun 2, 2018
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With Blackvue there is a 5 second overlap from the end of the first video to the start of the second. This is to ensure that nothing is missed if an accident or something happened at the split point of the video segment.
The Blackvue viewer picture capture will save front and rear images separately, I have no idea about video editing for picture in picture, there is obviously stuff out there though.
The time segments of 1 to 3 minutes are for the benefit of finding stuff as it is quicker to skip through each 2 or 3 minute file than it is to fast forward to the bit you want in a 10, 20 minute or longer file if you have a rough idea of what you are looking for. Also it allows you to copy out a short segment of the whole journey without the need for any editing. As for the 1 minute segments in 60fps, I can only guess that it is to reduce the file size for copy and storage.
Maybe check out GoPro as I think they have stuff that can link video from 2 or more cameras, the 6 series onwards if I remember the advertising. It was something like a giant football filled with cameras that filed to one single video. I think this is expensive though and they are a very wide angle lens.