Ehoom A10 - an excellent 1080p dual-lens mirror dash camera [review]


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Dec 15, 2017
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Ehoom A10 is an excellent dual-lens mirror dash camera. It can also be used as parking assistant.

The unboxing experience is premium! And here’s the best part – the price is not! Right now you can get the A10 model at slightly more than some much more basic dashcams. 159USD on The box is quite big, which has to do with the overall big dimensions of the mirror-like cam.

There is a long charging cable included – unlike most – this one is capable of providing 2.5A. Note that you may use a 3rd party adapter, however anything below 1.5A won’t really work and is not suitable as power feed. The included cable is 19.7ft, which was just right in my case, but could be a bit shorter for larger vehicles. Part of the package are a mounting tool and some cable mounts. You can optionally purchase a license plate mount.

Features and specs
f.1.8 and 150 degree field of view. And it is recording in 720p format, using the Analog High Definition technology.
The main body contains the front camera and the processing unit. There’s a Mediatek chipset included, and the front module has Omnivision sensor, behind the 6-layer glass with 170 degrees of field of view. There’s a way to tilt and adjust it, and make the angle perfect according to your vehicle’s mirror placement.
The few available ports are located at the top side, and besides the microsd slot, and the mini usb – there’s a GPS port.
Huge advantage, as I see it, is the full display touch capability – which is awesome for menu navigation. And with perfect visibility thanks to the 9.88 inch size. There is also support for swipe gestures – swiping up and down is increasing or decreasing the screen brightness, and left or right switches the camera feed. Meaning that you can have permanent visibility on the traffic begind you with 150-degree field of view which is of course way better than a standard car mirror.

In terms of installation – no complications at all. Installation is almost as easy as mounting a sdandard dashcam. The only addition that you need to make is to wire to the reverse lights to the rear module. Easiest is to locate the wiring for the reverse gear light and connect to it. Requires almost zero engineering skills. If you feel uncomfortable doing it, just find someone that has done it, or visit a car repair center nearby.
The position of the rear camera is also important to be chosen well – usually it is a good idea to have it above the plate. But that might vary and is mostly your own choice. So be creative.
Since the rear camera is ON all the time, the display has two different modes about it – the normal one, which you can watch at any time, and the parking mode, which is activated as soon as you are about to drive backwards. And that also triggers the assisting lines for easier parking. I wish the angle of view of this mode was a little wider, but even like that it does great job.

Performance and video quality
The maximum supported resolution is fullHD. Daylight performance is brilliant when there is no sun involved. Should we have more sunlight, areas of the picture may be overexposed. Dashcameras usually tend to have oversharpened video – and here it is no different. I was quite impressed with the low light performance
The footage can be very detailed – the fullHD bitrate is about 12 megabits, going down to 3.5 for the 720p camera.
I’ve been using this dashacm for already 2 weeks. Zero complications, zero crashes or errors and perfect visibility at almost any time of the day. Operation is very easy and intuitive and the recordings look perfectly fine with a lot of details. Meaning that if you are looking to squeeze the most for the buck – I’d say the A10 by Ehoom is your thing!

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