English Manual: Constant power supply (battery discharge prevention) device, MS Multi Safer

I’m having a bit of trouble getting my head around the instructions [emoji3525]

The lights are confusing me, I’m not sure what each flash sequence means.

Sometimes the red light flashes once every 2 seconds, other times it is twice every 2 seconds.

The red light is never on steadily.

I have no idea what ‘mode’ I am in when I cycle the button.

The wiring is done correctly, yellow to constant live and red to ACC.

Can anyone help explain it to me? I’d be very grateful

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Sorry to revive an old thread but I have a question regarding the Multi Safer / Fine Safer S.
So for the timer function is it based on hours after the car has been turned off by detecting the red ACC power input? If that's the case how can people say the red ACC power input isn't useful unless you play to use the button to switch between stand-by and ACC mode?
I'm using B+ only, which means that the yellow (can't remember right now, as i'm not near my car), is always plugged into a live feed.

The flashing of voltage is: blue x amount of times equals 1xV. If it flashes 2 times blue, this is 12V. Next up is red flashing x amount of times which equals the decimals of the voltage, fx 4 times red means 0.4V. Then you sum it up = 12.4V

The flash-order of the standby display, is 1 flash every 2 seconds for B+ and 2 flashes every 2 seconds for ACC-mode.

Hope that clarifies your question.
So for the timer function to work at all you need to have the ACC red power hooked up right?
Both red and yellow needs power for timer to work. ACC is off when car is shut off, therefore it needs power (to count and deliver power to cam) from B+.