F500LHD from cardvrcameras.com early review


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May 3, 2013
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Texas, USA
I have a DVR-027 from estore009 which works great and just purchased the F500LHD from cardvrcameras.com on a tip and because of better price ($79.99). Here are some of my experiences, both positive & negative:
1. Unit arrived from China in about one week
2. All functions on camera seem to be working correctly
3. Camera is exactly as pictured on web site, has software version V5.12 T2L-GH & appears to be well constructed (probably not a fake version)

1. Web site claims free shipping but buyer is required pay $2.50 for a tracking number which turned out to be of no use since the Singapore shipping site only listed it as dispatched to USA & never updated it's progress.
2. Both instruction manual & menu are in Russian, a fact not mentioned on their web site (I had to use Google translator to locate word for "language" so I could convert menu screen to English)
3. Their "contact us" page claims e-mail inquiries will be answered in 24 hours but they took almost 3 days to answer my request for a copy of the instruction manual in English (I did finally receive a poorly translated version similar to many Chinese to English manual translations). At least, this allows me to fully utilize all the dashcam features.

1. The 1080HD video setting is very sharp but offers only about a 75 degree field of vision while only the 720P setting offers a wider field of vision but probably closer to 90-95 degrees rather than 120 degrees.
2. The camera mode pictures have that "fish-eye" effect apparently from the wide angle lens?
3. Pictures taken at the 8 mp setting were sharper than those taken at 12 mp. Also, file sizes for both setting's pictures were around 4 Mb so maybe there is a problem with the 12mp setting?
4. The 2 LED lights act as continuous fill lights rather than as a flash when set for "auto-flash"

I've only had it for one week and will post a followup if any problems develop.


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Feb 1, 2013
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Can you comment on the settings that have produced he best video quality? ie sharpness, color quality.

I used the default settings and the movies (full HD) are quite sharp but not vivid.

See my post on the subject.

Thank you.