Finevu CR500-HD GPS Module not working?


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Dec 10, 2013
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Hey all,

I recently bought a FineVu CR500-HD with the GPS module. Video quality and all is great, however the GPS module seems to have stopped working a few days ago. When I first installed the system, the DVR would announce something about receiving GPS signals in korean, about 30 seconds after turning the cam on. I believe the blue LED on the gps module would also blink. Now it no longer blinks (just stays lit) and the cam says nothing, and all my videos have ---km/h on them. Flicking the switch on the GPS module still turns the LED on/off and makes my DVR beep. When the GPS is off, the DVR shuts off a few minutes in (I guess the switch controls power and not GPS signals like I thought). So basically the gps is still providing the cam with power.

Have tried formatted the SD card and upgrading to the FineVu CR500 Firmware Ver. 1.00.016 ENGLISH.
Double checked the settings and the gps setting is set to KM/H.

Wondering if this anyone else has had similar problems with the gps module, or is there something wrong with my actual dash cam?

I have had exactly the same problem you described with one of my CR500 cameras, GPS stopped after only running a few days. The module was exchanged from the vendor and since then I have had no more problems. I am not sure if the blue light was on or off at this time, but it wasnt blinking any longer.
And yes, the switch is a power switch and does not control the GPS signal.
So I guess only a replacement of the GPS module will fix this problem.

Thanks for the reply; that clarifies things! I will seek a replacement GPS unit.
I have resurrected my CR-500HD with GPS module after sitting in a box for almost 4 years. Best camera I ever had. My GPS module is flashing blue. Does that mean its working correctly or is it supposed to be solid? Thanks in advance.