Firefly 7S vs GitUp2 vs SJCAm Footage + Review


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Mar 21, 2016
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Couple of videos I wanted to share with you all:

First, sample footage only from my Firefly 7S:

Next, comparison footage vs GitUp2 and SJCam:

Finally, the full review.
Long and short, it's an amazing camera for <$80, with very impressive photo and video capabilities. The gyro stabilization is rather limited though, not as good as the GitUp2 stabilization.
In terms of image and video quality, in your opinion w/c of the three (the Firefly 7s, Git2, SJCam M20) is better? I'm curious in terms of color saturation, dynamic range and low light shots.
price went up $80->$92

Anywhere else still selling at $80?

@OP, why waste half the screen with text, instead of footage?
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ahh you're right, was looking at the search page price instead of the actual listing page

it's so weird, the firefly 6s is more expensive than the firefly 7s. Does the 6s have better gyro?

@OP, sound comparison with and without case? for outdoor vlogging purposes

nts: no micro usb ext mic
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Thanx for these videos. I like Firefly 7S camera. I use it when I play basketball and when I ride my bike