Firmware 23/2.3, Korean language, WiFi issues


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Apr 27, 2016
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Firmware Version 23/2.3 was loaded to the SD card via computer, per the instructions posted to this forum, using Lukas7950WD V2.0.0.
1. Despite repeated efforts to select "English" as the language, the device speaks to me in, presumably, Korean.
2. All changes to the device are done through the SD card via the computer using Lukas7950WD V2.0.0.

Next, the Lukas/Qvia V1.6.3 app has been downloaded to my Google Pixel2 phone. The phone is running the latest operating system.
1. Using the app for the first time, I'm given the choice to use Lukas or Qvia.
2. SSID and password are correct and entered correctly when connecting to the device.
3. Regardless of which I choose, Lukas or Qvia, the app gives me a "socket" error, so none of the app's four main features are accessible.

I don't mean to be rude, but the frustrations I've experienced with this device since 2016 have me at my wit's end, so please read the entire post first, then if responding, provide solutions that work, not guesses or what you think might fix the problem. Thank you.
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