Fix Video Fisheye Effect (Wide Angle Lens Correction) + Enhance Color/Detail Filter

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May 14, 2013
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Option 1: GoPro Studio (FREE)

Option 2: proDAD DEFISHR,l-us.html

Option 3: ProDRENALIN,l-us.html

As I review sample videos (other cameras too) they all appear with "fish eye" recording. Can this be "user" settable to not record in fish eye?

Nope, the lens is what gives it the wide field of view.

can be corrected in post processing if it's an issue, reality is though it's a dashcam, you're not going to get an academy award for cinematography, that's not the product's intended purpose

i work with GOPROs all the time (the Emmys, The Grammys, and other award shows use these on the red carpet--ask me how i know ;) ) and use this program:,l-us.html

works very well but it does chop off some of the footage. I agree with @jokiin , the dashcam serves a purpose and not to lens the next big budget feature....

GoPro has a fisheye adjustment feature in their software also

Their software works with other cameras also so worth a look, maybe not as good as the professional program above but the price is right (free) :)

there's actually some simple but effective editing tools available in the GoPro software that gives you some nice options for working with the videos, pretty easy to use also

here's a before and after through one of their filters, difference is obvious

Filter Example:


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