Fourth DVR contol unit failure


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May 16, 2017
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Sonoma, California, United States, Earth
United States
Dash Cam
Koonlung (Spy Tec) K1S
Just had my fourth Koonlung K1S contol unit die— won’t boot up, won’t reset. Dead as a doornail. First three were warranty replacements, fourth was another K1S puchase just to get a replacement control unit. DVR module seems to last no more than about a year. What a shame, love the design, the small, stealthy cameras, and the small size of the DVR contol unit. But reliability sucks. I can understand why SpyTek and Amazon quit carrying this dashcam.
I also had 3 pieces dead; First dead after 1 year of warranty. Then purchased another one which had problems immediately so I returned it, then purchased another one as spare part, and after some time ... the same. So today I have 2 dead K1S on my table. I liked K1S but ... I hate K1S ....
In the meantime I changed to another dashcam .......
Investment in installing remote cameras, cables and hard-wired power supply is why I keep obtaining replacement DVR units. Like you, I love and hate my K1S. Wish it was at least possible just to purchase a replacement DVR, rather than an entire kit. Koonlung, are you paying attention?