Full Video Review - BulletHD Biker Pro


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Jun 2, 2014
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Hey y'all I am not gonna list all the specs and accessories, Sunny and Pier28 already did that so I am just gonna jump straight into my impressions:

Overall I am impressed with the quality of the cam. The Novatek 96655 for sure gives it a slight edge over other similar cams. But most of all I really just like that it comes with a hard wiring kit, but not just that, the little things they included like the blue wire taps and twist ties was a nice touch. besides not coming with a memory card in the box, it really comes with everything you need for a full and clean hardwired install on a motorcycle.

The app is good too, I noticed there is less lag in the live video feed that other cams I have tested with wifi.

I really like the build quality, the alien head is a little tacky for my taste but it feels tough like it could really surface an impact (likely wouldn't survive being crushed though).

I am going to loan this camera to someone with a crotch rocket and he is going to play around with it so I should hopefully soon be able to get more footage in different conditions at at highway speed on the open road.

Check out the last few min of the video for some size comparisons with the mobius, innovv c3, and vw898.