Fuse Tap not working for DashCam. Factory accessory works


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Sep 12, 2017
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I installed a Rexing V1 using hardwire Fuse Tap in my Lexus Rx and it functions perfectly.
I proceeded the same exact install in my wife's Audi Q3 and cannot get the DashCam to work using the same Fuse Tap kit. I'm using the rear window wiper fuse outlet, and that accessory still works when the Fuse Tap is installed by no power seems to be going to the DashCam.
I've tried using another/new fuse. I also hooked up that Cam to the install job in the working car, and it works fine. Inversely I put the working Cam plugged into the Audi and same result- no power.

Is there any other installation "tricks" i need to follow that anyone could suggest? Seems odd that the existing accessory (rear window wiper) works, but it's not providing power to the Cam when patched in.
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