G1W (Unsure what model) - Files missing & potential firmware upgrade.

Discussion in 'G1WX' started by dishlex, Jul 14, 2017.

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    Good evening,

    I have a G1W, but I am unsure if it is a G1WH or G1W.

    I have just tried to update the firmware with the multiple G1WH firmware available but it didn't seem to recognise it, so perhaps it is a standard G1W.

    The current firmware listed is 2016.0728.11am, however a google result suggests it is a G1W-CB, so I will need to try that firmware.

    Anyways, I have noticed that whenever I take the camera out of the car after recording something interesting, the file I want is generally missing. Whereas the video before and after it is always there.

    Apparently if I turn motion detection off, this may resolve the issue? I believe it is already off, but I have double checked and made sure it is off, and also disabled the G-Sensor.

    The card in use is a Samsung 32GB SD card, if that has any bearing on recording issues.

    I am just wondering if a firmware update may resolve this issue, or if this is an issue that people are familiar with at all?

    Thank you.
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    You seem to be on the correct path with settings and card :) Perhaps it is a firmware issue, and indeed here are different ones for the -C and the -H versions. Without knowing what the original firmware was it's anyone;s guess for what you need. Contact the seller and see if they can send you the original firmware, then you will have a better chance at finding compatible upgrades. At worst you'll have a reliably working cam again ;)


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