G1WC vs Joying Dash Cam


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Jul 15, 2018
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In this video we will review BlueSkySea vs Joying Dash cam.
G1WC: Capacitor based (no built-in battery); 3,5,10 mins loop, 3,5,10 mins screen blackout time,1080 HD recording, up to 64gb SD card support, built in 2.7" screen, built in mic, G sensor and Motion detection. This is a great cam, turns on as soon is power is on and turns off vice versa. Works in wide range of temperature and is very reliable.
Joying has no built-in screen, only works with Joying HU. Works with upto 32gb sd card, built in mic, 1 minute loops. Overall G1WC is best buy for around $40, it works great in almost all conditions. Joying is expensive because you will need Joying HU to make it work. Quality is terrible (SD quality) and mic doesn't work very well. As of today Joying has introduced new dashcam for $40 but after reading specs it might be same as before.

I would recommend G1WC.

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