Garmin mini 2 continuous recording.


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Oct 9, 2022
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Hi, first post on here. my Thinkware dashcam continuously records on a loop. I brought my son a garmin mini 2 for his first car but when we view the footage off the SIM card it only seems to record incidents and various 15 seconds loops, is this correct?
I am not familiar with this brand or model of camera, but the norm are dashcams record in segments, and all the time, if then something happen some of the footage go into a folder for events.

Many cameras today have the ordinary movies folder where the regular footage are, and then a folder named RO ( Read Only ) for the event footage to be safe from deletion inside.
I am not sure if these handle footage the same, there are some that for instance will not allow you to choose segment size and so may only do 1 minute video segments, i generally prefer 3 minutes myself if choice are there.

It could also be a setting option, though it do seem rare to me that a camera will only save events, most cameras default just record all the time, and then if G sensor or some other trigger is used it will save a event.

You could try to reset the camera to default, that option should be there in the menu / App, i assume it would be set to default record all the time.
Issue number 2, I had a mini 2 installed in wifes car (hardwired) in parking mode both red lights are permanently on, and even if I turn parking mode off the camera will not shut down even after 12 hours ?
There is a possibility that Parking Guard is not available in the UK?
It looks like it’s been wired incorrectly, when I plugged it into the 12v socket it worked correctly. Is it possible to hardwire it incorrectly?
There are several ways of connecting Garmin dash cams. 12V switched, 12V constant, Parking mode cable, (OBD) constant power cable.
I supplied them the garmin parking mode cable. I just wondered how they managed to wire it wrong?
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