Genuine Thinkware SD Card thinks it's full!


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Dec 20, 2019
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North Wiltshire
United Kingdom

I've been a Thinkware fan for a while and am on my third camera, the Q800PRO with front and rear cameras.

The Q800PRO doesn't prompt me for a reformat like my F770 did, which I thought was a boon - until I tried to find the recording of some bottom-dweller of a lorry driver threw fruit at my car at 70mph on the M5.

I've written a little script to move the files from the SD card on to the hard drive on my Mac, and was surprised to see only about 20 minutes of recorded material - from almost 6 months of the camera being fitted. And this 20 minutes was being continuously overwritten every 20 minutes, so I didn't get the recording I was looking for.

When I looked at the files on the SD card, it was showing as having only 300MB free (it's a 64GB card) even though all the recordings had been removed from it using the script - hence the 20 minute recording time.

I eventually bought a 128GB for the extra recording time, but after formatting the 64GB it shows 64GB available, although I'm no longer using it in the dashcam.

I was wondering if anyone else has come across the issue of the card being full, but not?

Thank you.