Git2 as a dash cam versus Blueskysea B1W


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May 31, 2018
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Hello everyone,

I've been reading about different dash cam models, as I am interested in buying some for my car. I would like to start with low budget cam until I come up with some money to buy something better.

I was looking at the Blueskysea B1W and was pretty much ready to buy, but I was offered a second hand Git2 Pro for about 60 dollars (or 50 euro). So, now, I'm not sure what would be better, the Git2 or the B1W? Have in mind that I would use Git2 as a dash cam and not as an action cam. I saw videos of Git2 during daytime, and it looks very good, but I'm not so sure about the night time videos. I do, however, like the stabilization, because my country has really bad roads and most of the time, car is always shaking while driving.

So, what would your opinion be? Is Git2 good enough to be used as a dash cam for almost the same price as B1W? Or should I just go with the B1W?

Thanks for your time!

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I have two GIT2P cameras, 170 and 90 degree. They both get very hot while recording even at 5fps. I haven't had them shut down while recording as dashcams but I'm guessing after a few weeks or months the batteries will stop working

If your car is shaking from rough roads, stabilization won't help much. The image will be blurry just from the shake


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Jul 7, 2014
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I like the Git2, excellent sound quality, but if it is only to be used as a dashcam for a car then the B1W will be better - sharper image, no battery, better mounting, better night time performance.

For a motorbike I would go for the Git2 because of the stabilisation, and it can go in it's waterproof case.

Also, if you want to make movies rather than just accident evidence then the Git2 gives a nicer image, just not so good at catching number plates.


Aug 6, 2016
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I am also using Git1 and Git2 as dash cam however; there are few things to note.

1) Wide variety of mount and case available for car, motorcycle and bike because it's the same dimension as GoPro 3, 3+ and 4

2) Good video quality during day and night time

3) Reasonably price if you know where to look

4) Has all the basic dash cam function in an action camera package

5) Waterproof dash cam for motorcycles

1) the internal capacitor will stop working sooner or later which means when it won't hold the time/date (i thought this won't matter as it's always plugged in as dash cam anyway. Unfortunately, I had Git1/2 record 3-5 mins after power off and it drains the battery. Later on that)

2) Gitup will only send you capacitor replacement which you will need to solder it yourself (not everyone has the skill or tools) and is prone to fail sooner or later.

3) Once the time/date is reset, Git1/2 will continue showing as recording (red light blinking and screen counting) when you power on your car. The fact is, it is not saving any of the 'recording'. I had to learn the hard way when my car was hit and to learn that it wasn't actually recording. I am now checking to ensure that the time/date is not reset before I take off.

4) Two of my Git 2 will slowly looses its battery life when it's recording and powered. The issue of this is when you switch off your car/power, the last video won't be saved and you will not be able to record more videos after you power off. Tested this with 3 batteries, 3 cables, and 4 power supplies.
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