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Jan 6, 2021
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Korea, Republic Of
HDR (High Dynamic Range) is important feature that dash cam can gain a good quality of images. An HDR image is usually obtained by capturing several images of the same scene. And the image is sorted out between the brightest, middle, and the darkest. The final result is good letter recognition and vivid image structure.

G-ONQ has HDR on both front and rear cameras. Especially HDR rear cam has a lot of advantages at night. Rear side is exposed to beam light of the following cars. And it causes blur images of video and hard letter reading, dark background, etc. HDR can remove those matters.

The best image sensor SONY STARVIS and HDR is the best combination for dash cam. G-ONQ is the best dash cam ever.

GNET® G-ONQ Dash Cam™ Main Features

The difference between HDR ON and HDR OFF
I am looking forward to sampling a proper HDR camera, the ones i have seen so far seem to lag a bit in performance, some stitching 2 consecutive frames together, but really you need 2 exposures caught at the same time.

Sony starvis 2 sensors look interesting to me
I would like to see HDR performance in low light with oncoming car in a place with little light ( not completely dark country road )
Also it seem Korean drivers are as bad as Danish ones in traffic light.
The law here say you can not enter traffic light even if it is green if you can not get out of the intersection while it is still green.
Several intersections here in town, one only 200 M from police station are a mess every single day during rush hour.