Google Maps fix for RegistratorViewer (Windows)

Versions and (DeLorean)
AttachedThe video playback and everything else works perfectlyIMG_20180810_063154.jpgIMG_20180810_063309.jpgIMG_20180810_063159.jpg
I'm using my own version which "only" removes the offending website link that was causing problems and compresses down the EXE... everything works perfectly including Google Maps etc. PLAYER - Registrator Viewer v. (DeLorean).zip?dl=0
Looking at your screen shots you've made a mistake in your registry settings.

It should look something like this...

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main\FeatureControl\FEATURE_BROWSER_EMULATION]
That was the problem, working fine now. Thank you for your kind assistance, it is appreciated!!
Thank you for this (y) I have not used registrator viewer in a long time, low & behold google maps was not working within it but now thanks to the original op & this thread, its now all working perfectly, in-fact so much better now than before (as I had loads of pop ups) :cool:
Video is playing fine, but Google Maps isn't picking up on my route ?
This is a long thread with a lot of solutions.. Start with... is your Registrator Viewer up to date with versions mentioned in this thread?
Sorry, yes. .

Obviously not sure what I'm supposed to see.... expecting my route to be displayed on GMaps ?
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OK, that will be sad..... But will explain the issue. Doesn't seem that there are any viewers that can process the Garmin GPS data
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Have tried the demo. FAQ reads as follows :
I’ve had the opportunity to examine Garmin Dashcam movies in a binary file editors as well as a couple of movie player apps. I was not able to locate the GPS tag information in the file. I’m not surprised — Garmin is good at hiding and encoding their GPS data. I’d need help from the Garmin engineers to locate and decode the GPS data. Until then there’s not much I can do.
I installed the exe from the first post, and as soon as I ran it, my PC started playing a "warning your PC has been infected" sound clip, and pop ups galore. I managed to get that squared away, and read back to page 8 where others have posted cleaned up versions that don't populate ads from rogue sites. I also added the various domains to my routers blacklist, so I'm good. But, if I might suggest someone either delete the original ad-loaded version from the original post, or replace it with the stripped version, I think it may help keep noobs like me from pissing their pants.