GoPro Hero 8 Review & Samples



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Aug 25, 2015
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In the pandemic-marked year of 2020 I was lucky to be able to travel before more severe restrictions were enforced, so I found myself in a long waited vacation to Chios Island, a very unique, interesting and beautiful, but also, less known islands of Greece. The landscape is outstanding while the snorkeling sessions were spectacular with the aid of the clear water you get in the Aegean sea. I only had with me the GoPro 8 and the small ANAFI. All the GoPro footage was taken in 4K@60fps / high bit rate / Linear while the drone shots were done in 4K@30fps / high bitrate. Even if the footage was mixed I think the result came out rather good. The small ANAFI also held on very good as it encountered a lot of windmills and this for a reason! The weather on the island is often very windy, with strong gusts, so it was really an adventure to fly and especially, to land! I have added some voice commentary about the places. Please let me know your opinion and maybe share your experience on the island, if any?