GoSafe 520 Video Review


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Jun 2, 2014
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Another review here for you guys, this time from Papago!

This is the Papago! GoSafe 520 dashcam. I will cut to the chase with a few pros and cons and just let you watch the video.


Comes from a name brand that has been making dashcams for awhile now, lots of different products with different features. This camera is a pretty basic one but with 1296p or the 21:9 cinema 1080p mode which is my preference. There is a little more comfort in knowing where this camera came from and that there is a decent warranty behind it, but I haven't heard anyone complain of any big issues.


No gps, no wifi (although wifi is still pretty uncommon), and a pretty standard suction cup mount. also no parking mode. It also uses a battery for those concerned about heat. seems like it runs pretty cool though.

Overall for a name brand camera I think it's a fair price, with great video quality (depending on what resolution you use, and time of day). I know a lot of dashcamtalk users will say its too expensive, compared to other cameras out there. I know there are a lot of people in the US that do not want non-brand name stuff, regardless of how much you tell them there are lesser known brands that are just as good.

I think for that reason, this camera will appeal to people who are new to the market and don't wanna risk getting something lesser known or one with many problems in the past.

Check out the video review here: