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Jan 11, 2017
United Kingdom
I received a DDPai M6+ as a Christmas present and, with the help of this forum, managed to get everything working - at least for the first few trips. Then I noticed that the speed data disappeared from some clips after a while and never returned until the camera was switched off and on again. This seemed to get worse until now I never get any speed data. The symptoms are that the blue GPS LED on the camera gives one flash as the camera starts up, but then remains off for the rest of the journey.
Strangely, I still seem to have *.gpx files being recorded on the SD card that seem to have valid data (although I'm only reading it in Notepad).
Another curiosity is that everything I have read indicates that clips are 3 mins long. Mine are all 2 minutes.

Do I have an incorrect setting somewhere, or a faulty camera?

Update: The UK dealer, Wankaku, has diagnosed a faulty GPS module and a new camera is on its way. Great service from them.
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