GS8000l No Zoom

Charlie Cip

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Jan 31, 2015
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United States
The firmware version is K100-V04 13-12-02 1004-8961

Of the 4 leftside buttons, the 2nd button turns Display on/off and the 3rd button turns the Mic on/off. I tried in both record mode (red ball) and standby mode. If there is a zoom on this camera (as advertised) I cannot find how to use.

On my first GS8000l, the 2nd and 3rd button is zoom in/out (version 20140913-03).

The latter shows "firmware version" and the former just shows "version" under the last setting in tools.

Worth mentioning, the box states HDMI but there is no connection on the camera that won't zoom. The suction cup mount with the no zoom camera is the style with the round dial where the camera can be adjusted up/down or S/S. My other mount (with HDMI plugin and zoom) has no round dial and the camera can only be adjusted up/down, no S/S.

Questions: Do all of these cameras zoom and if so where I am missing this? Is the one with no zoom a fake? Any thoughts on this appreciated!